Walnut Creek Farm


How Walnut Creek Farm began….

It all started with two little girls and their passion for horses. They were fascinated at an early age by horses…not baby dolls or Barbies…always horses. The youngest of the two begged for riding lessons before she could even ride a bike and attended summer horse camp on the farm that is now Walnut Creek Farm. Her older went along to drop her younger sister off at camp and was mesmerized by the horses and begged to stay at horse camp with her sister …and from that moment on horses became a family passion.

Riding lessons grew into months of leased horses in exchange for Christmas and Birthday gifts and the girls continued to add consistently to their horse funds for their very own horses one day. After much saving and months of searching, two horses, a mare and a gelding were added to the family….which soon turned to two geldings after a broken shoulder and many bruises to both bodies and egos form the spirited mare.

Finding a place for the girls to ride turned out to be the hardest part of the equine journey up to this point….Long trips to out of town stables for training and boarding cut into valuable training time and quality time that could have been spent with the new family members. That is when the idea of Walnut Creek Farm was born, a farm right here in the Unifour with ample stables for boarding, and outdoor arena for riding on sunny days, an indoor arena for year round riding, 19 acres of lush pasture and beautiful grounds and facilities to host a variety of events.

A home where the passion for horses and riding lives, close to home….

What began as a passion for horses, is now Walnut Creek Farm. Two little girls and their passion for horses has now become a family affair with the ultimate equestrian facility and access to top trainers right here in the heart of Catawba County.

Come join our family at Walnut Creek Farm and share our passion for all things equine.